Hayter Harrier 41 Push (Code374A)

£739.00 £679.00

Harrier 41 Petrol Push Mower



The Harrier® is an agile, yet durable rear roller lawn mower with a 41cm deck. Ideal if you have a small, flat garden that's up to 300 square metres with either borders, raised flower beds or retaining walls as the Trim Side deck design can mow right up to the edge.

The two piece rear roller not only gives you a beautifully striped lawn but it also makes it easier to turn at the end of each pass and avoids any unsightly marking of the lawn.


Additional Benefits 


  • Aluminium cutter deck that is long-lasting and hard wearing. 

  • Easy to use height-of-cut lever. Choose between seven different heights (13 - 60mm) for your desired grass length. 

  • High performing cut and collection system uses Vari-Pitch™ cutting technology‡ to remove grass clippings once cut. 

  • Easy-wash hose connector allows you to clean the underside of your Harrier® without getting your hands dirty. 

  • High performing cut and collection system uses the front and side fins to remove grass clippings once cut. 

  • ReadyStart® technology ensures hassle free starting time after time. 

  • Folding handlebars reduces the storage space needed. 

  • Quickly collect any unwanted leaves from your lawn by setting your height-of-cut one position above your grass. 

  • Easy to empty grassbag can be lifted through the handlebars.