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21" Petrol Powered Lawnmower

The Cobra M53SPH-PRO petrol lawnmower is powered by a Honda GXV160 engine, has a 21" cutting width and is built for the demands of the domestic and professional gardener.



› Engine: Honda GXV160

› Drive Type: Self Propelled

› Cutting Width: 53cm / 21"

› Cutting Height: 16 - 76mm 7 Stage Adjustment

› Grass Bag Capacity: 75ltr

› Blade Brake Clutch / Weight: 62kg

› Professional Warranty: 2 Years

› Speed: Low: 0.7 High: 1.3 (m/s)


Heavy duty cast aluminium deck

Durable alloy deck for professional & domestic mowing


The Cobra M53SPH-PRO 4 wheeled petrol lawnmower has a hard wearing, cast aluminium deck which is the popular
choice for both professional and domestic users alike. The alumninium deck has many other benefits as well as its durability, which
include: less susceptible to corrosion, easy to clean and a longer working life.


Thicker gauge handlebars

Extra strengthened for professional use


The Cobra professional range of lawnmowers have stronger, thicker and more robust handlebars.

In addition to the thicker gauge handlebars, the Cobra M53SPH-PRO lawnmower comes equipped with reinforcing struts for extra strength for your lower handles.


Complete with reinforced steel deck liner

Strength, durability and protection as standard


All Cobra professional range lawnmowers are equipped to handle the toughest, most uncompromising conditions
with ease. The reinforced steel deck liner increases the life of your deck by protecting and strengthening the underside of your lawnmower.
Cobra professional lawnmowers are built to withstand the most demanding commercial applications.


Cobra shaft driven 2 speed lawnmower

Shaft drive means no more belts or chains


The high specification M53SPH-PRO machine from Cobra is shaft driven rather than the more traditional belt or chain drive, so it will cope easily with long periods of intensive use in the most challenging conditions.

For increased control over your grass cutting, the Cobra M53SPH-PRO lawnmower has a 2-speed gearbox.


Cobra M53SPH-PRO fan assisted collection

Powerful fan for superior grass collection


Come rain or shine, the Cobra fan assisted collection system ensures a great collection every time. Even in the dampest conditions, the integrated fan works like a vacuum to further improve the collection of grass cuttings into the 75ltr collection bag.

This fan assisted collection system is also efficient in the removal of other garden debris such as leaves.


Blade brake clutch system

No need to restart everytime you want to stop


Cobra's Blade Brake Clutch System allows you to stop the blades while the engine keeps running. With most traditional mowers, when you let go of the handlebar, the engine stops running and you have to restart the mower to continue. This can be a hassle, especially if you are bagging.

Roto-Stop stops the blades from turning, but keeps the engine running. No need to restart the mower.